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Mobile Repair Services:

We use original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, screens when we repair iPhone screens. If the customer’s budget is limited, we do provide various non-OEM options that are more affordable.

Yes, we entirely replace the screen on every iPhone model. The operation of the device will be impacted if we merely replace the glass, and nobody wants a broken device.

Disclaimer: Before having your gadget repaired, we advise making a backup. Any data loss resulting from the repair process is not our responsibility. To finish the repair procedure, your device might occasionally need to be reset or restored to its factory default settings. The data on your device may be completely or partially erased.

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Laptop Repair Services:

Yes, we are skilled in repairing every type of laptop body. We also give our clients the bodies of a few fresh devices/models.

Yes, our service fees are almost half of what Apple charges if you compare us to their services. In addition, we offer considerably faster customer service.

Yes, we do. Inspection is free, and if the logic board cannot be repaired due to irreparable damage, there will be no charges at all.

Watch Repair Services:

Simply said, whether your luxury timepiece is current or antique, you deserve the best when it comes to any maintenance or repairs. Our business is committed to not only ensuring your total happiness but also developing a “trust-based” connection with you. Because of this, we make an effort to make every potential new consumer, as well as our devoted, long-term clients, feel at ease before they proceed to employ any of our expert watch services.

With pleasure, we spend time with our clients. By phone or email, we’ll thoroughly address any of your queries and worries. We’ll also provide you with a lengthy list of recommendations and reviews from previous clients, along with their contact information (with their permission, of course). Therefore, don’t believe anything we say. Ask one of our devoted customers or look through the numerous reviews on this website.

Call us at +971 4 220 9669 or +971 50 170 3995 to receive an estimate for watch service or repair. One of our knowledgeable Timekeepers will get in touch with you and inquire about things like: How old is your watch? How recently was your watch serviced? What issues do you have with your watch, if any?

For service or repairs on your watch, we can typically provide you a good faith estimate. To diagnose the issue and provide you with an exact estimate and time frame for completion, we may require that you send us your watch in specific circumstances.

We request a convenient payment method from you when you reserve our services. If you are certain of the type of damage your equipment has sustained, you can opt to pay in advance. It is not required, though; you are also welcome to pay when the service is done.

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