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Review from our customer

"I know really little about technology but Sharaz took customer service to the next level ; knowledgable, experienced, friendly, and sharp. He was quick to understand my demands and would execute it swiftly, leaving me with ample benefits. He knew how to put me at ease and understood what I was saying. Top quality service. I highly recommend this fine gentleman helpful and so natural."
Wallo Mohammed
"Wonderfully friendly staff, quick and honest service - they were happy to tell me my iPhone issue was not as bad as I thought!! My new go-to repair place, thank you."
Andrew Turner
"Shiraz was really helpful! I had to fix a switch on a lamp and he did it in no time. Very accommodating, always helpful. He has helped me with fixing watches, trying to get a scruff out of my phone cover. Very impressed with his customer service."
Ketki Chandavarkar
"I have recently used Fix Station to repair 2 old iPhones. The service was excellent and timely (both promised and delivered on next day repairs) The prices was excellent and as quoted - no nasty hidden charges. For a non-warranty repair I will not hesitate to use Fix Station in the future and highly recommend them."
Tim Beswick
"No exaggeration, but I thought the times of miracles had long gone Station. Let me explain. My Laptop crashed a couple of days ago, and I could not log in or out. This has happened before and the last time it did I lost all (I all) my saved material. The PC was a write-off. anticipated the same this time, and indeed it was initially that. Initially, there was no hope, and I was told as much. so we agreed to format the disk and install a new Windows, etc. The following day, I got the surprise. I got a call from Fix Station (Wait Rose mall, Sports City, Dubai) telling me that they had somehow managed to retrieve every single file that was on the HD. Amazing but true. Thank you for your help."
Basilius (Basilius)
"They were extremely professional. Super quick in their replies as well as the fixing. My phone was back as good as new, Highly recommended!!! ask for Sheraz."
Abdul Rehman Malik
"Sheraz was fantastic. He was able to sort out all the issues i had and was pleased to do so. Great customer service. Will definitely use services again."
Leonie Bridger
"Long story short, my phone had a hard impact that made it die, I searched for many shops to fix it, some of them said they can’t, then I met shiraz, I told him how much the data on the phone is basically my work and without it am screwed, the guy delivered the phone in a perfect condition in just 24 hours, highly recommended, extremely professional, friendly and budget friendly, again ask for shiraz."
Hussein Abdelrahman
"Dead iPhone x and motherboard issue with my laptop, they fixed both in 2 days !! Others tried for weeks !! That was really fast and working perfectly !!! I'm putting ur shop in our local group guys, we'll done .. highly recommended."
Haz Sam
"Great service & high quality work, thanks Sheraz for your support and hard work."
Derar Abu Ghazaleh
"Awesome service. Was locked out of my iPhone, these guys sorted it within 30 mins! Highly recommend."
Ola S
"Finally a proper phone / laptop shop in Motor City !! Sleek design and friendly staff. Placed an order and the manager did the needed to acquire the product and filled me in with its features. Satisfied Customer."
Hazem Jandali
"Great service - had a cracked screen and they fixed my phone very quickly and looks like new. Very good value for money as well. Highly recommended."
Y. F.
"I really liked the professional attitude of Shiraz, definitely ask for him! highly recommend..."
"It’s great shop and there’s is one guy he’s name is sheraz very smart and have to much experience for mobiles"
Fortnite games
"Located inside the new motor city waitrose, very convenient. Were able to fix my laptop water damage. They give you diffrent repair options. Only thing , their communication could be more efficient."
Dal Alz
"After an initial problem with fixing my screen, they found a solution and my phone is now working like new. I respect a company that try to resolve an issue. Well done"
chris darnley